Sunday, December 23, 2012


Over the years I ended up with a big collection of vinyl albums (showing my age here) and last year I decided I simply didn;t need 30,000+ LPs so I started listing them for sale online.

Occasionally I get questions like this from potential buyers:


I am interested in your Led Zeppelin II listing.

- Can you tell me what all the numbers and letters are in the runoff area / deadwax between the last song and where the label starts on both sides of the record? They are all around the label and can be a little faint so you need to look at them in the light.
- Also, what are the letters and numbers just underneath the song listing on the labels?
- Can you provide a picture of the inner sleeve

- Can you provide photos of the LP cover edges and corners
- Does the LP have a musty, or smokey smell
- Can you tell if the album has been played excessively
- Are there any names, or writing on the cover, or interior of the sleeve
- And, what is the address at the bottom of the label?

To pull the album and answer all of the questions would take me 20 - 30 minutes which admitedly isn't a great deal of time, but I have better things to do with my life.  Add in this is a $20 LP and you can see the costs-benefit analysis isn't in this buyer's favor.

Short answer to the customer:  "Thanks for your interest, but the LP is sold."


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