Monday, October 19, 2015


I have to admit I didn't even know Eric Stewart had released another solo album until six years after the fact.  I feel bad about it because I've always loved Stewart's material and "Viva La Difference" is a great solo collection.  Great, but unfortunately all but unknown, though I've tried to do my part to spread the word:

Anyhow, buried in the album you'll find the tune "Friends Like These".  

Here's what I originally had to say about the track: "Love the slinky slide guitar that opens the tune and kicks it along  ...   Slow builder with an almost hypnotic feel and one of the album's spotlight numbers.   Months later this one is still bouncing around my head."

Every word of that was true.  The damn thing is still in rotation in my head.  Stewart's almost lysergic delivery is truly hypnotic and that little slide riff is simply addictive.   What do I have to do to get this one out of my head?

And here's the YouTube link to the audio file:

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Sunday morning and I was trolling around the internet looking for some information on an obscure album I'd bought the day before at a yard sale.  Anyhow, I clicked on the southerngarageband website and happened to start reading a page on Rodney Justo.  It was one of those strange experiences where the words sounded familiar.   Sure enough, these guys seem to have "borrowed" parts of a write-up I'd done years ago on the Atlanta Rhythm Section.   I know "borrowing" is a part of modern life.  I've done it myself.  The difference is I try to credit sources.   These guys are pawning it off as their own original work.   Seriously ...   poor manners at best.  

Makes me wonder how much of their site is lifted from other sources.