Friday, May 17, 2013


Their clothing is ugly to start, but why would anyone buy clothing from this elitist bunch of blow hards?  It should be interesting seeing what being elite does to their bottom line.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Without any doubt, this has to be the most annoying ad on television at the moment (and there is plenty of competition out there).  Maybe it's just me, but whenever it comes on TV I feel a sense of frustration, rage, and nausea:

Seriously, would you sell your car to these folks?  Judging by the ad's production standards they don't look like they'd have the corporate resources to buy a stolen bicycle, let alone a nice car.  More to the point, would you buy a used car from this outfit ?  And who do they think a thin white guy in a cheap suit showing off some second rate, borderline spastic dance moves is going to appeal to ?   Yeah, there are lots of 18 year old wannabe gang bangers who are going to see the ad and think "Let me sell my Mercedes and get some quick cash here."   The ad's been on the air since at least 2010, so hopefully it is close to the end of it's life.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


I don't consider myself to be a radical by any stretch of the imagination.  I
guess I'm conservative when it comes to financial issues, but I'm pretty liberal
when it comes to lifestyle issues.  The one area where I find myself increasing
frustrated is government trying to address every issue.   There doesn't seem to
be a week where I don't some across a story where local government is trying to
make a decision for the people they're supposedly representing.   Living close
to Washington D.C. provides a goldmine of such stories.

One I stumbled across the other day has to do with a long simmering debate on
whether the Washington Redskins should change their name to something less
offensive to native Americans.  In theory I can see why the name would be
offensive to an American Indian.  My problem is the way it's being dealt with. 
In this case the District of Columbia Counsel (not exactly a hotbed of ethical
behavior), wants to push to have the name changed to The Washington Redtails. 
In case you're wondering what a Redtail is - it's a nickname of the Tuskegee
Airmen (a group of World War II African American airmen who broke the color
barrier).   The Counsel's resolution includes the following explanation:
"Washington's name has been dishonored by association with the word 'Redskins",
because it is well known in America and in nations afar that American Indians
have experienced utmost suffering and disrespect over the years."

I can't argue with that, but I'd suggest the Counsel should be looking at more
important issues that forcing a professional football team to change their name. 
If they've got the time to take on such important issues as this, then maybe
they're not really necessary to the Washington D.C. taxpayer.  By the way, last
time I checked, the Redskins don't even play in Washington, D.C. anymore.  They
practice in Virginia and play their games at a stadium located in Maryland.