Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I've belonged to an online music review group (Review Your Music) for a couple of years.   The site lets you upload information on bands; submit album reviews, and  has a bunch of other functionality.  Over the years I've dumped a bunch of the BadCatRecords record reviews on to the RYM site where I occasionally get comments from other users.   Earlier in the week I hit the 100 "favorite" mark - 100 of my 2,200 reviews had been tagged as worth reading by other site users.   Yeah, I know 2% isn't statistically significant, but there was something nice about hitting 100 (actually 101 as I type this.


So soccer season ended for our ten year old and it ended on a high note.  Playing his last game, Ryan spent half the game on defense and half the game as a fullback.  Playing defense he was mega aggressive, repeatedly stopping the other teams offense.  In the fullback position he took three shots on goal - one went just right of the goal; one went just left of the goal, and one went over the goal (even the coach was laughing).  Luckily Ryan also made a perfect centering pass that resulted in a goal.  Final score was eight to one which left The Gladiators with a five and one season.