Wednesday, September 10, 2014


It's Wednesday evening.  The eleven year old is done with his homework and gone to bed.  Wife has gone to bed as well and I'm finished with some officer work.   Anyhow, for some reason I found myself poking around the computer and decided to see if I could find a YouTube video for James Taylor's 'September Grass'.  Always loved the song and the video that goes  with the tune is equally wonderful. 

That somehow got me thinking about the late Eva Cassidy.  Cassidy passed in November 1996 and though she really wasn't well known outside of the Washington area, she was a truly special singer.   There's a wonderful YouTube clip capturing her performing at Washington's Blues Alley.   The whole 45 minutes is dazzling, but my personal favorite starts at the 9:30.   Seriously, I can't remember the last time a song gave me goose bumps: