Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finally a tax scam LP that isn't a total waste of time

Lots of folks have a secret fetish of some sort and I guess mine would be tax scam records.   99.99% of the population doesn't know what a tax scam record is, nor do they care.  And to be honest, I shouldn't care either, but for some reason I've become fascinated by this subject.  The thought of someone making music with the goal of trying not to sell it just strikes me as being funny and sad at the same time,  Anyhow, anyone bored out of their minds can read more than they ever wanted to know about the subject at:


The majority of tax scam releases simply aren't very good.  After all, why would anyone put much effort into making a good record album if you weren't planning on trying to sell it?  There are exceptions to the rule and while it isn't a great album, 1977's "Departure" by the band of the same name, is a pleasant surprise in the tax scam universe.

You can read some information on the band Departure and a brief review of their sole LP at:


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