Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dewey Beach 7 - 24

There's so much amazing stuff out on the web ...  early morning July 4th 2012 - not even the dog walkers were out.

I've been going to Dewey Beach,  Delaware since I was in high school.  Due to that long standing relationship, the place has special memories for me.  Ed's, The Bottle & Cork, Rusty Rudder, Starboards ...  I love it all.  For goodness sakes, it was the first trip I took my wife on.   The place is truly special and even when packed to the gills with tourists and drunk college kids, I've always found it to be restful and calming.   So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a live webcam that lets you check out what's happening on the beach (well along one block of the beach).  I'll readily admit that I have the site bookmarked on my work computer and when I'm having one of those miserable days (everyone suffers from them once in awhile), I'll spend a couple of minutes staring at the water and daydreaming.  One word of warning; you'll have to endure a brief commercial at the start.

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