Sunday, January 3, 2016


Bettye Crutcher only recorded one album during her life and for some reason I thought I'd sold my a couple of years ago.  Crutcher was better known as a songwriter, but she had a great voice and if you ever get a chance to buy it, pick up a copy of 1972's "Long As You Love Me".Anyhow, discovering I still had a copy of the album I decided to give it a spin to see if it was as good as I remember.  For the most part it was.   The one track I didn't remember being as good was 'Up for a Little Down'.

If you're a certain age (say your mid-'50s like me), then you're liable to have fond memories of some of the Bacharach-David tunes Dionne Warwick turned into mega hits.  Admittedly many of their collaborations leaned to MOR, but it was quality MOR with hooks that were beyond reproach.  Why am I mentioned this?  Well thia breezy tune could easily have come from the same source - if you've ever smiled when hearing 'Do You Know the Way To San Jose', or 'I Say a Little Prayer' you were liable to get the same feeling listening to this one.  Another track where you had to wonder how Stax missed the ball. 

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