Sunday, December 20, 2015


Every now and then I'll be focused on something else when a song will suddenly hit me out of nowhere.  That experience hit me Saturday morning.  I was on my way to mail some record albums and drop off Christmas cards for the Post Office staff (yeah, I spend way too much time at my local Post Office), when out of the blue Little Feat's 'Easy To Slip' came blaring out of the car speakers.   Suddenly I wasn't a middle aged, overweight, balding member of the middle class, rather was in my 20s getting ready to go out and party.   It only lasted a moment, but it was a breath of fresh air.

What a great song. Recognizable from the opening chords, it was worth hearing just for George's wonderful guitar - it sounds like an acoustic, but it was an electric with some strange effect slapped on it.  The tune was one of the most commercial things the late Lowell George ever wrote (along with collaborator Martin Kibbee).  The song was apparently Kibbee's idea, though George's name came first on the credits. 



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