Saturday, November 7, 2015


I don't use usually use my time to advertise on behalf of local companies, but I'll make an exception for German Gourmet.  The store is small, nondescript and from Columbia Pike you are liable to miss it entirely since the entrance is on the side of the building.   So don't let the exterior fool you.  This place is amazing - everything German (except automotive items), you could ever want ... beer, wine, chocolate, meats, bakery good, magazines, and candy, candy, candy ...

It's not big; imagine the size of a large living room, but I could spend hours poking around the place.  Virtually everything the sell is interesting.  The only downside is I spend way too much money with these folks.   I'd actually paid off my credit card Friday evening and after visiting German Gourmet on Saturday morning I was back in debt to the tune of $120.   Ah, but I have some great German beer in the fridge and a ton of German candy hidden away in the closet.

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