Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mom needs a night out

Nobody wanted to cook on a Friday evening so I took the family out for dinner at a local restaurant.  It was fairly crowded, but I couldn;t help but notice when they sat a couple with two young children next to us.  One of the kids was about four and busy playing with mom or dad's cell phone.  The other little boy couldn't have been more than one and, much to the dismay of the waiter, was busy tearing apart animal crackers and scattering them across the table and the floor. The mom looked on with kind of a sad look of helplessness, while the dad went to the restroom.   I guess my attention was focused on the flying cloud of cracker dust, but I couldn;t help but notice mom didn;t even wait for dad to get back before ordering the mega sized beer.  When it showed up she managed to gulp about a quarter of the glass in less than a minute. 

Mom's have a tough life ... hope the rest of her evening got better

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