Saturday, March 15, 2014


I'm grudgingly accepting the fact that I'm getting old and am increasingly clueless when it comes to popular trends including cutting edge music.  I'll readily admit that a lot rap leaves me cold, but then so does popular dance music, trance, and pretty much anyone using auto-tuning.  The funny thing is that every now and then I'll still stumble across a wonderful, lost-classic pop tune.  Yeah, I may be one of the few folks in the world that enjoy the genre, but what can I say.

My most recent discovery - 'Blue' ...   a tune by the Peruvian band We All Together.  Imagine a cross between NRBQ (New Rhythm and Blues Quartet) and Paul McCartney and Wings and you'll get a feel for this glistening slice of pop.  I've owned a couple of the group's mid-'70s LPs which were full of Beatles-inspired pop and rock, however I never realized the group had reunited a couple of times over the years.   I've been looking for a copy of their 2006 reunion LP "Blue", but haven't scored a copy.   In the meantime, there's 'Blue' which, courtesy of YouTube, you can enjoy along with a nice, low tech performance video of the group:

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