Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Normally when I Get on the morning commuter bus, I'm pretty drowsy and don't pay
a great deal of attention to my fellow commuters.   For some reason I was more
awake this morning than normally.  Two curiosities caught my attention.

There was a guy sitting in front of me reading a newspaper.  That in itself
wasn't a big deal, however I was curious to see the newspaper had Chinese print
(well, it had Asian print).  Even more surprising were all the "page 3" girls
displayed throughout the paper.   For anyone who hasn't hear the term it refers
to English tabloid newspapers that feature a scantily clad, or nude woman on the
third page of the newspaper.   Anyhow, this guy didn't seem to have any problem
enjoying that feature of the paper.  In fact, I watched him fold the paper this way and that so he could focus on the articles.  Luckily for him the woman sitting next to him was zonked
out and didn't seem to notice.

The next thing to capture my attention was this oddly familiar clicking noise. 
I turned around and saw it was coming from a middle-aged woman who was seated
right behind me.  She was clipping her fingernails on the bus.  It was like she
was picking her nose, or wiping her butt, however it was just a bizarre thing to
see with her nails jumping all over the place.   I suspect the guy sitting next
to her wasn't all that happy with her morning hygiene routine.

Makes you wonder, what are these folks thinking.

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