Sunday, September 22, 2013


Blue Groove Soundz
5852 N Washington Boulevard
Arlington Virginia 22205
(703) 270-9075
So here's a post-script to my original write-up.  
As mentioned I bought a bunch of LPs right before Christmas and was frustrated to discover a bunch of them had skips.  Of the ten LPs I bought, literally five were flawed.  Anyhow, I
took them back and because I was in a rush, didn't have time to find replacements.   The store clerk was nice enough to gave me a gift certificate for the value of the returns.  

So some eight months later I finally got around to going back and the first thing I did was see if they would honor my gift certificate. Eight months is a pretty long time so I was skeptical they would accept it.  Anyhow, I had the original sales receipt and the certificate and the store clerk agreed to honor it.  Kudos to store.

Other comments:
- They now have a designated parking space for customers on the side of the building (1 space).
- The store is as small as ever, but has way more stuff packed into it than the last time I was there.
- They are rearranging the layout, moving the check out desk to the side of the store, though it won't make much difference given the limited overall space.
- Prices are still very high - common garage sale LPs are listed at $8 - $9 and higher (if I could charge similar prices on my inventory I could retire).
- They mix old and reissues together, so look closely when you pick something up. 

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