Tuesday, August 13, 2013


As a good citizen I take public transportation to work.  Living in Fairfax County, Virginia I use the Fairfax Connector to get to the Metro system.  To get to work I drive about a mile to a parking lot and then hop on a Fairfax Connector bus that takes me to the Metro station.  So over the last couple of months a flock of geese have decided to make the parking lot their home.   Geese apparently eat a lot which means they also leave tons of droppings.  The end result is they've turned the parking into a minefield.   Seriously - you cannot walk in a straight line without stepping in goose excrement.   It is nasty stuff and probably a major health hazard.   The funny thing is Fairfax Connector has route managers at the parking lot everyday, yet they've never bothered to do anything about it.  

Finally, out of abject frustration I emailed Fairfax Connector - so far my emails been forwarded to two different offices in the organization.   Wonder what the chances of something being done are?

update 9/4/2013
And why would I have expected anything else from this outfit ?    After receiving two emails telling me my original email had been forwarded on to another office ...  absolute silence.  Seriously, as a taxpayer all I can say is these guys are an embarrassment.   I suggest some remedial customer service training, or maybe we just subject the whole organization to some streamlining efficiencies.   Impressive work there Fairfax Connector.

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