Sunday, March 10, 2013


Busy at work the last two weeks so I didn't have a lot of time to post any reviews.  Rather than post individual links, you can go to the BadCatRecords website to see these (and thousands more):

- Henry Cow "Leg End" *** stars (way too experimental for my tastes)
- Captain Beefheart "Strictly Personnel" **** stars (equally experimental; no make that weird, but somehow endearing)
- Nektar "Recycled" *** stars (not as good as I remembered it being)
- Essra Mohawk "Primordial Lovers" *** stars (critics claim it's a classic - moments of inspiration; moments of dullness)
- Lawrence Shaul "Profiles In Love" *** stars (totally unknown ex-Classics IV keyboard player; great on the soul tunes, but there are only three of them on the LP)
- Jade Warrior "Floating World" *** stars (technically amazing and occasionally mesmerizing, but parts of it are ... dull)
- Essra Mohawk "Essra Mohawk" *** stars (I liked it better than her supposed classic release)
- Av'nir "Av'nir" *** stars  (unknown Canadian band that's actually more AOR than progressive - couple of suprisingly good tunes and if they sung in English they probably would have been stars)
- John Martyn "Bless the Weather" **** stars (amazing acoustic guitar player and I liked his voice)
- 8th Day "8th Day" **** stars (overlooked Invictus soul release even though three of the songs are actually from the band 100 Proof Aged In Soul)
- Denny Doherty "Watcha Gonna Do" *** stars (his solo debut and surprisingly good, especially when he channels Mike Nesmith)
- Allman Brothers Band "Eat a Peach" **** stars (yes it's way too long, but damn if it doesn't have a ton of classic tunes on it)
- Chris Bell "I Am the Cosmos" **** stars (hated it when it came out and turns out I was just plain wrong - classic LP that should appeal to all Big Star fans)
- Beggars Opera "Changing Times" **** stars (Their second LP and a surprisingly entertaining spin)
- The Swingers "Thunder and Lightning" * star (litte know Johnny Kitchen project; horrible to the point a couple of tracks are worth hearing)
- Bill Cowsill "Nervous Breakthrough" *** stars (his debut after being kicked out of the family band - moments of specialness, but the flip side is largely dull covers)
- The Walker Brothers "No Regrets" ** (Well, releasing this comeback album should have been a regret - pretty plodding and dull)

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