Sunday, November 25, 2012

The customer is alway right ... no, not true.

As part of my small BadCatRecords website I sell about a dozen albums a week.  I'm not doing this to get rich, rather to simply get rid of tons of albums that I just don't need.  Anyhow, when someone buys an album from me it is guaranteed.  In virtually every case, if there's a problem, I'll take it back and cover the shipping costs.  The point I'm trying to make is that I'm not out to screw anyone over.

Judging by the number of repeat customers I have (including scores of foreign customers) and the positive feedback I get on Amazon, Discogs, GEMM, and MusiscStack, most folk seem to appreciate my efforts.

Of course you can't please everyone.  Here's my new favorite customer (name deleted).

CUSTOMER: You have the distinction of sending me the most worthless record in my last 1,500 pieces. It is on its way back. I wonder who you are going to try to pawn this off on next? Bad crap!

RESPONSE: Little bit of explanation would be appreciated - poor condition; bad music; hated the cover. Send it back I'll issue the refund to your PayPal account.

CUSTOMER: Since it was your record I thought you were aware of the poor condition of the record. Yes, poor as in, the grade it deserves. The sleeve has wear well beyond VG+ records. I used to think you were honorable people. You shot that all to hell. You wasted my fucking time goddamnit!

RESPONSE:  Send it back and well refund the cost and the shipping costs

CUSTOMER: It is on its way back to you.

RESPONSE: Since the lp is guaranteed there obviously isn't any benefit to trying to rip you off

CUSTOMER:  Yes there is since I could have shelved it without looking at it and you would have gotten over.

RESPONSE:  Guess that's possible, but hardly a business model that anyone in their right mind would pursue - As far as I know I've never had anyone buy an album and then shelve it.  Kind of like buying a painting and not hanging it.

CUSTOMER: ive done it many times. i guess im stupid to you.

So at this point there just isn't much left to say ...  Not sure I'd call anyone stupid.  Foul mouthed and rude comes to mind.  'Course it takes all kinds.  

So the customer returned the LP and out of curiosity I slapped it on my turntable to see if I'd screwed up and actually sold the guy a mis-graded LP.  All I can say is that on my Rega it sounds fine.   Whatever ...

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