Sunday, September 4, 2016


Admittedly I'm not a beer snob.  I tend to avoid brews that are flowery, or appear to be a fruit juice, rather than a real beer, but If it is cold, I'm liable to indulge.   

Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago a friend who knew about my vinyl addiction gave me a six pack of a product manufactured by the Great Lakes Brewing Company (Cleveland Ohio) - Turntable Pils (a Czech-styled Pilsner).  I live in Virginia which probably explains why I'd never heard of it.

Anyhow, the beer wasn't half bad - nice summer beverage.  The label is the crowning glory. Perfect for any of you that suffer the same addiction I have.  By the way, that was the last of the six pack.  Will have to search around for some more.

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