Sunday, December 28, 2014


Both on the personal and professional levels 2014 was a busy year and I really didn't spend much time on the BadCatRecords hobby.  Still I managed to listen to dozens of albums over the last twelve months.  Here are the ten (and one bonus effort), that I found the most enjoyable. They're not in any particular order.

1973 John Entwistle "Whistle Rhymes"
1972 Joe Simon :Drowning In a Sea of Love"
1983 Mark Knopfler "Local Hero"
1969 The Fantastic Four "The Best of the Fantastic Four"
1972 The Patterson Singers "The Patterson Singers"
1972 Rufus Thomas "Did You Heard Me"
1977 Rory Gallagher "Against the Grain"
1969 The Mirettes "Whirlpool"
1968 The Easybeats "Falling Off the Edge of the World"
1973 Caston and Majors "Caston and Majors"
1987 The Bears "The Bears"

So what can I deduce from this list?  Well, I'm obsolete in terms of current music.  While I actually bought lots of current music, not one of those purchase made my top-ten list.  In fact, the most "recent" release on my top-10 list was a 1987 obscurity from Ohio "The Bears".  My comfort zone is clearly late '60s and '70s music.  Most of what I like appears to be moderately commercial in that most of these acts got at least some commercial recognition.  The other big surprise ... how much I love soul.  Six of the ten selections can be categorized as soul.

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