Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Grading used records is part art, part science. A record can look brand new and have a pressing defect. A record can look like someone skated over it with sandpaper and still sound okay. Unless you literally listen to the whole album (paying attention), you can't be accurate in your descriptions. I make an effort to be a fair an accurate grader. I also have a guarantee on sales. If you're not happy with the condition you can sent the album back and I'll pick up the return media mailing costs.

A couple of months back I sold an album to a person on Amazon. It wasn't a particularly expensive LP and it looked to be in good shape - it was a band I didn't particularly like so I'll admit I didn't play grade the album.

Anyhow, I shipped it out and a couple of days later, without bothering to contact me, the seller poster the following feedback on Amazon:

"Dude?! That record is scratched beyond listening! Sounds awful and skips every 10 seconds. Is this a joke? - Kyle"

The same day I sent Kyle an email apologizing and telling him I would send a replacement album out that day. (Turns out  I had a second copy of the LP, though I thought I'd shipped out the one in better condition.)   I packed it up, shipped it out USPS priority with tracking, and waited ... and waited.  I knew the LP got there since it was priority shipping. Finally after two weeks I sent the customer an email asking if he had received the replacement album.

The response was "Yes I got it. I didn't know who it came from."

Seriously? Are you the stupidest customer on Amazon?  This person doesn't have the brains to realize the seller sent him a replacement ...  He just thought a replacement album showed up out of the blue?  Some generous soul took pity on him and shipped a copy to easy his pain?  Anyhow, I pointed out I had shipped the replacement and asked if he was happy with the replacement.  The answer was yes.  Did he change his feedback?  Of course not.  Obviously there's little chance this moron is going to update his crappy feedback. On the other hand, if this person is that friggin' stupid, maybe I'm better off without any additional contact. Thank goodness this idiot is the exception to the rule. Hope his stylus cracks ...     I can feel my blood pressure rising as I type this.    Serenity now ...   LOL

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