Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BadCatRecords site traffic

So I've had a small website devoted to selling used vinyl for a couple of years.  It was original on GeoCities, but when that was closed down two years ago, I had to shift over to Yahoo's Small Business platform.  GeoCities closed rather suddenly and when the site was taken down, there was no provision for linking the old site to your new site.  'Customers' were literally left in the dark with respect to where you'd relocated.   When GeoCities closed, my site was getting about 500 visitors a day.  That traffic literally died when I moved to Yahoo.

So here's the funny thing - with limited HTML skills and little more than a fundamental understanding of how to do online advertising and draw traffic, after two years the BadCatRecords site is routinely drawing 13,000 - 14,000 hits a month.  Yeah, I know Amazon gets that kind of business in a five minute period, but for a neophite like me, that remains an impressive accomplishment.   Now if only more people would buy vinyl off the website, as opposed to simply stealing the album descriptions and write-ups.

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